5 pasos para crear una página de empresa en facebook

5 steps to create a company page on facebook

Tomando en cuenta que 968 millones de personas usan activamente Facebook todos los días, esta red social se ha convertido en un componente clave para casi todas las estrategias marketing, hoy ya no es solo una "buena idea" estar en Facebook.

5 consejos para que tu página corporativa de facebook sea como la de un profesional

5 tips to make your company page looks like a pro

Facebook is the forced way to convert into social networks and it's the number one platform in engagement and traffic. If someone tells you that Facebook is dying, follow these tips to achieve the success of your fan page.

5 Errores de keywords en tus estrategias de marketing

5 keyword errors in your marketing strategies

Undoubtedly, keywords are one of the best weapons you must have in the arsenal of your digital marketing strategy, but companies do not always take them as a priority. As a result, mistakes are made and opportunities are lost that affect the search of your company. What kind of mistakes?

10 statistical data of digital marketing

10 statistical data of digital marketing

You must know the evolution of the different sectors, markets, and digital marketing channels is a great advantage to be able to develop an effective strategy.

ABProject listed the 10 statistical indicators of digital marketing with enough importance to be control indicators (KPI).

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We build marketing strategies, which the core is "the web" in the sales cycle. We are aware of the technical challenge of this represents to our customers. Due to that, we strive to offer comprehensive solutions (Strategy Planning, Design, Development, Content Management, Operation, and Advertising) according to the needs of each company

01 Strategy

The most important part of operating a successful e-commerce business is to start out with a goal, a plan and deadlines. What is your differential added value and determine an advantage that can be offered to attract potential customers to your business. You aren't selling your stuff to some else, you must be detect the necessity and build a solution around it.

The design of your company's digital image can not and should not be isolated from your digital media marketing strategy. Your website is the business presentation letter of your company to consumers, suppliers and (why not) the competition. The design should not only be visually attractive, but also be functional to the particular objective that each web page of your site possesses.

02 Design

03 Development

The development of a website, includes an array of different development languages; they have to work on multiple devices and browsers. And they must comply with a quality standard on their practices in order for your site to rank better with the Search Engines (SEO). This area is in constant evolution, and thus this requires maintenance and updates in order not to get deprecated.

A digital marketing strategy requires a constant operation to manage content and social networks. In addition, you must control and make adjustments to advertising campaigns. To finally analyze the results obtained periodically in order to make keyword adjustments, segmentation or value offer.

04 Support

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