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Federación Odontológica de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

La Federación Odontológica de la Provincia de Buenos Aires is a non-profit civil association, managed by dentists and focused on improve the professional quality and the oral health of the population.

PROJECT STAGE: ABProject participated in the definition of the institutional communication strategy and creation of the online communication manual.
We take care of the design and content adaptation for digital media, then we work on the aesthetics of social networks and communication in general.
OPERATION STAGE: ABProject manage the communication and the social communities of the institution. In periodical planning meetings, we planning new ways of improvements in the communication of the values ​that F.O.P.B.A focuses on in the community.

Performed items

  • Definition of institutional communication strategy
  • Development of the web portal, e-commerce, and medical booklets
  • Deploy of the institutional image (look & feel) in social networks
  • Content adaptation for digital media
  • Community Manager

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