Internet of things

Integrate metrics from the physical world to your online analysis system

Create an "Internet of Things Strategy" focused on your business objectives.

What do we mean by Internet of Things?

A possible definition of IoT is to consider a network that interconnects physical and virtual objects using the Internet.

IoT consists of software and hardware developments that have all the necessary tools to accomplish very specific tasks.

Could your company be transformed by IoT connectivity?

IoT sensors collect a large amount of data from the physical world, which must be analyzed and exploited in real time.
Here are the predictive analytics, Big Data, and Machine Learning, the tools used to apply rules to the data and generate actions without human intervention.

Cost efficiency

IoT solutions can help to reduce costs and maintain a competitive advantage over your competitors. In manufacturing industries, IoT devices can be used to monitor equipment and minimize downtime by predicting failures or misalignments in the production line.
Companies can also save on energy costs, improving electrical efficiency when using IoT. An intelligent system for monitoring and controlling the unnecessary use of electrical resources.

Greater security

Small businesses can use connected video surveillance cameras and smart locks to monitor offices/commercial places at all times and ensure the protection of important assets.
You can also measure energy, humidity, heat or toxic gases to prevent accidents proactively.

Improve the customer experience

IoT devices integrated into the points of sale, can be displayed in real time buyer behavior, or make decisions based on the data to improve the shopping experience.

Elements that make up our services catalog

Each company has needs, physical environments and different work elements
(shop windows, refrigerators, power supplies, waiting queues, etc.) .
We have a catalog of "Internet of Things" elements, which we combine to build your "smart business" strategy.

Development of "custom applications"

A few years ago it was usual for large and medium-sized companies to use proprietary tools by adapting business management.

Today, this sector can count on applications and management tools developed to measure of you needs.

The main advantage of doing "Custom Developed Application" is grouped in: "Efficiency of production costs" and "Accessible development costs".

As an important consequence of improving the efficiency and agility of your business processes, which has a direct impact on profitability and the competitiveness of the company.

Development of custom applications

Our development work begins with a research consultant to determine the requirements of each stage and define the main lines of the project.
When this job is done, the technical needs and functional requirements for the development of the application are defined.

What is an IoT sensor?

Generally speaking, a sensor is a device that can detect changes in an environment.

The measurement of a physical phenomenon, such as the temperature of a room, the intensity of light, the number of objects in a room or the magnitude of the force applied to an object, begins with a sensor.
By itself, a sensor is useless, but when we use it as part of an "internet of things" system, it plays a key role: "data capture".
The more information you can use to take a decision of your business, the lower the probability of error by default and the better is the projection of behavior based on historical data.

Internet devices of things

Features of the IoT Sensors:

  1. Must be sensitive to the phenomenon that measures (distortion)
  2. It must not be sensitive to other physical phenomena (interference)
  3. You should not modify the phenomenon during the measurement process (interfere)

Types of IoT Sensors:

  1. Passive or Active.
    Passive sensors do not require an external power source to monitor an environment, whereas active sensors require a source of this type to operate.
  2. Detection methods.
    This classification is based on the method used for the detection and phenomenon measurement (mechanical, electromagnetic, chemical, etc.) .
  3. Analog or Digital.
    Analog sensors produce an analog or continuous signal (usually variations in voltage or resistance), while digital sensors produce a discrete signal already coded.

Professional Digital Signage

A solution based on a client-server application via network (LAN / WAN or internet) allows you to distribute multimedia content through a remote console, regardless of its location.

Digital signage can be integrated with your web application, website, online news indicators, etc. It is a communication tool with a high visual impact, which when connected to the internet, becomes a more flexible and better tool.

Advantages of digital signage
  • Increase your ROI, create a health user experience and reduced your communication budget
  • Greater flexibility of AD formats
  • Better segmentation, to contact the target audience
Communication channel
Communication channel

Digital signage puts a dynamic and bidirectional communication channel with your target audience at your company's reach.

Graphic design
Professional image

Graphic design is essential to make your message clear, unambiguous and consistent with a brand manual.

Costs reduction
Costs reduction

The content update dynamically eliminates the cost of printing, the logistics of physical material and reduces update times.

User experience
User experience

The dynamically content update eliminates the cost of printing, logistics of physical material and reduces update times.trae la atención del público objetivo y genera una mejor experiencia de consumo lo que incrementa la imagen de marca.

Development method of "Internet of Things" projects

I - Project quotation process

Internal analisis


The best way to know and understand the particular requirements for the project is to understand the need for each case. Its objective is the elaboration -in conjunction with the client- of a list of functional requirements and their own.

Estimated time - 2 hs


Technical proposal

There is always a solution for every need. Once the functional requirements of the solution have been defined, several technical proposals are made to estimate the effort and its cost.

Estimated time - 1 week

Development and Testing


After evaluating the proposed sketches, it is time to choose "the design" that best fits to the client's commercial vision.

Estimated time - 1 day

II - Development stage

Internal analisis


Once the functional proposal has been defined, a definition is followed and the details by means of the sketch using Diagrams and Wireframes, finally a "prototype" is built, on which the logic of programming to fulfill their functions.

Estimated time - It depends on the project



This stage is blind to the client and 'now' it's when the development team performs the necessary elements(programming components, iot sensors, etc.) .

Estimated time - It depends on the project

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