About Us

We're a "DIGITAL Media Agency", composed of professionals from three strategic areas: "Design", "Technology" and "Digital Business".

Our value proposal

Assist our clients in the development of commercial strategy in digital media; based on "Internet", "data collection", "analysis", and "development".

How do we do that?

We take care of creating business strategies, content generation, distributing content in digital media (blog, social networks, newsletter, etc), monitoring users requests.

Our main goal is aligning any initiative on the internet with your business objectives, creating digital content which offer added value to the users and generates interaction, seeking to maximize the client experience with your brand.

We have specialists in different areas: "programming", "user experience", "digital marketing", as well as "designers", "editors" and external resources that we manage for "photography", "animations", etc. Our work would not be viable without having adequate human capital.

EVERYTHING what ABProjects deliver is based on knowledge, attracted by curiosity, managed by methodology with clear objectives: "from errors, we LEAR", "the IMPROVEMENT is continuous" and "we are a TEAM".

Our working process

Consultancy on "Online Business" Graphic and multimedia design Development of websites, e-commerce, and cloud applications Content generation Community Manager Automation and Data Analysis Counseling on marketing strategy in digital media. Creativity and Integral Design of "User Experience" HTML5 / CSS3 development based on PHP, Laravel, MySQL, JS, AngularJS Writing articles, image acquisition, commercial photography and creation of infographics. Social networks management, newsletter, and chat. Analysis of metrics and automation of the marketing process.

Our staff

Our team are integrated by communicators, editors, designers, programmers, executives, who work together in each project to generate integral and effective solutions.