What is the funnel or sales funnel?

What is the funnel or sales funnel?

To sell online and increase the turnover of your business more and more, it is recommended that you implement what in the world of e-commerce we call funnel or sales funnel.

This funnel represents the stages through which a potential client goes from the first contact with your brand, until the purchase of the product is finalized.

In other words, this funnel guides you through different phases so that you become an effective client.

So, as a business owner, what you have to do is design those phases of the sale, to achieve your main objective: to sell more.

In general lines, we could say that the sales funnel is divided into:

  • Phase 1: Attract visitors.
  • Phase 2: Convert to sales.
  • Phase 3: Retain clients.

Phase 1: Attract visitors

The first step to achieve a successful online business is to capture visitors. As in a local or showroom, where people have to enter to eventually get a sale, the same thing happens in the online world: without visits, without people interested in your product, there are no sales.

Therefore, generating traffic in your online sales channel is key to the growth of your business. But we are not talking about any type of traffic, but qualified traffic. That is, people who are effectively interested in your product and can become customers. In this way, you are going to make sure that they keep going through the sales funnel.

But in order to reach that qualified traffic, it is essential that you know who those people are, those potential customers who may become interested in your brand, that audience that is waiting for you to find it. Knowing it will help you better plan your strategy to attract visitors and achieve faster and more effective results in your business.

Phase 2: Convert to sales

Once you have implemented the strategies to attract qualified visits to your online sales channel, you will see how the traffic of your business begins to increase. From here, we move on to the next phase of the funnel: converting those visits into sales.

Surely it took a lot of work for you to get potential clients to visit you, that's why we don't want them to leave without buying!

In order to convince this potential client to effectively complete the purchase, we share the following items that cannot be missing on your website:

  • Pay attention to the importance of design in your online business
  • Divide the web into main page and product category
  • Use clear photographs and item descriptions
  • Offer a size chart of your items
  • Be clear on the means of payment and shipping

Phase 3: Retain clients

Did your potential client complete the purchase? Very good! That means that all your work on the sales funnel was focused on the main objective: to sell more!

But the work does not end here. Now is the time to build loyalty to these new customers, to get them to buy from you again and, why not, to aim for them to become, in time, what in marketing is called “promoters of your brand”. Once your consumer completes the purchase, the after-sales stage begins. At this stage you have to make sure you have fulfilled what was promised both at the product level and delivery times, that is, you have to know the experience that the user had in your online sales channel.