FACEBOOK: How to sell your products on FB?

FACEBOOK: How to sell your products on FB?

Selling products on Facebook is a hot topic these days; and a modern and probably promising sales channel to move forward. What are the "legal" ways to market your Facebook store?

1. Generate attractive content

According to Shoptab data, most sales are made through posts on your Facebook wall, not through people who visit your Facebook page. You must create a real community of followers, post engaging content, and consistently promote your products to unsold posts. Promotions must not exceed entertaining and relevant content. 3-4 promotions per week is the gold mean, as long as you post everything else daily.

Creative display of products such as

  • Lifestyle photos, customer testimonials
  • Backstage: product manufacturing process, packaging and shipping of orders.
  • Corporate culture of the company: about the team, external events, charity programs, exhibitions and shows.
  • Educational posts: If you sell surfboards, you can share your experience in choosing a board, give advice on surfing, comment on the latest local events, interview celebrities from the world of surfing.
  • Industry news and trends: interesting to attract the attention of your followers.

2. Maybe a Facebook giveaway on your Fan Page?

You can think about running a Fan Page contest. In terms of instagram marketing, it's a proven way to get more followers. "Tag a friend to enter", "republish to enter", etc. followers greatly increase.

3. UGC Facebook Contest

User generated content is a great way to sell on social media for several reasons. Your brand really reaches the Facebook audience of content participants, for free.